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In Vain We Strive

In vain we strive, our way to find. Through clouded mind, our place in time. Empty, hollow, short of breath. Lost, alone, a walking death. We’re on all fours, our pity soars. Self-absorbed, a slamming door. So we cry foul, … Continue reading

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A Life Apart

Haunting thoughts of past regret, staves the joy so hungrily sought. Deep void the present self does feel, from inner battles waged and lost. Vexing skirmishes wrought with pain, bring lonely cries that wrench the heart. Lost so long all … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem

Although not a perfect translation, carpe deim has come to mean seize the day. What a concept! Can you image if each of us upon arising in the morning opened our arms to the world and shouted carpe deim “seize … Continue reading

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